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    Wednesday, January 16, 2008


    David Floyd

    Thank you, Sue, for highlighting our effort. The site is brand new, but feedback has been good so far. I'm adding content almost daily, so please keep checking back. There is a huge amount of important work being done right now by groups around the world. The web is the perfect vehicle for sharing best practices and disseminating much-needed info.

    This website is less than 2 weeks old, and the number of links and the amount of material posted to the site so far are only a small part of what's out there. This is reflective of the magnitude of the problem.

    When I say "sense of urgency", I'm not kidding. We have collectively squandered the luxury of time, so our efforts at this point need to be very focused and effective, since we're basically talking about overhauling the way we live. If you're rich, maybe you can still hit the snooze button for awhile, because rising prices for energy, food, building materials, pretty much everything--may not concern you. It's the rest of us we need to be concerned about.

    Let's take care of each other.

    Post Carbon Rhode Island

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