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    Monday, July 02, 2007


    John (JACK) Lancellotta

    On an extremely beautiful early Summer morning, the JAYCEES were pleasantly surprised to welcome The Providential Gardener and its founder and author, Susan Korté.

    Sue was able to speak with several of our members as they worked shift times to accommodate their busy family lives while spending and helping out at our award-winning JAYCEE Corridor & Arboretum.
    The Providential Gardener is a Godsend resource to all the wonderful efforts employed by so many dedicated garden and open space enthusiasts upon the public (and private) lands of God's green
    E a r t h !

    Sue really captured the essence of the pristine and tranquil Arboretum with the fine photography of the picturesque Senator Roch RIVERWALK at the confluence of the longest Rhode Island waterway - The Pawtuxet River.

    The snapshot images of the school children's plant and bed design was just right as it blended the extraordinary sweat equity of JAYCEES and some wonderful volunteers that keep the spirit alive for our deep appreciation of our precious public lands.

    Thanks to Sue and the Providential Gardener for making more of us aware and connecting people for green persuasion throughout our great Ocean State!

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