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    Monday, January 29, 2007


    Sue Korte, The Providential Gardener

    Thanks for your comments! If you have more recent news and some photos of workdays at Neutaconkanut Hill, I'd be glad to post them here.

    I hope more people will add comments to postings. Blogging let's you readers get your two cents in. And send news and organization info for inclusion in this blog, which is bursting at the seams. The Providential Gardener has grown so much in the past year that I'm now developing a full website to surround it. Then it will be easier to navigate the site and find out what's "growing on" in Rhode Island!

    Robert Fitzpatrick

    I have lived in the area of Neutaconkanut Hill most of my life. The hill is a treasure to the city of Providence and the community. Hey! get involved and call N.H.A. and help keep this park for many years to come.

    elli panichas

    Information on Neutaconkanut Hill and/or a Trail map may be obtained by writing to the Nuetaconkanut Hill Association, P O Box 91055, Johnston, RI 02919


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